What's HYOH?

HYOH is an acronym for “Hike Your Own Hike” which has become a popular hiking mantra for long distance backpackers (sometimes referred to as “thru-hikers.”)

For us, the phrase is a reminder to stay present, to find enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment in ourselves while on our own unique journeys. While you won’t be literally finding your own path on a HYOH adventure, your experience is unique to you and can not be compared to others. Our goal is to create an environment where each person can come off of a trip with HYOH feeling grounded with a sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities.

We’re a small guide-owned and operated adventure tour company based in Union, WA. Whether our guests are looking to try something new or they are a seasoned thru-hiker in search of a challenge, our mission is to provide a great outdoor adventure in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula backcountry. From coastal tide pools to epic mountain views with playful marmots… we have trips suited for everyone!

Our small team has years of experience in the backcountry and in local conservation efforts. Our guides have current Wilderness First Responder certifications and are knowledgeable and passionate about the area so our guests will safely and responsibly experience the backcountry.

We know that choosing a trip or guide company online can be a bit daunting and we are here to help! Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP, we are happy to answer questions and get you stoked about our Olympic playground!

Meet the Team



Anna grew up in South Dakota with the Black Hills Mountains as her playground. In 2014 Anna and her trusty Catahoula Kota undertook the cross-country hike on the Appalachian Trail.  In college, she followed her passion for the study of conservation and ended up with a degree in fisheries and wildlife management.  Drawn to the rich and diverse ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, Anna landed in Union, Washington where she worked in Salmon restoration. Anna inspired a cross country thru-hike and music tour with fellow guide Emalee which they completed in 2019. This trek became the catalyst in the creation of their very own guiding company in order to share their love of the outdoors with others. When she is not guiding, Anna is planning her own adventurous backpacking trips, writing music and performing, and snuggling with Kota.



Emalee grew up in Olympia, Washington just 20 minutes from our HYOH headquarters. Over years of traveling and living abroad she kept finding herself drawn back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest with its mossy green forests and mountainous wilderness areas. In 2019 Emalee and fellow guide Anna combined their love for performing music and hiking and hiked the 3000 mile Continental Divide Trail as a music tour. Since then, she has worked as a backpacking and canyoneering guide in Washington, Utah and Arizona. When not guiding, she is working on art projects, climbing, snowboarding or planning the next big adventure!


Guide [ Assistant to the Assistant ]

Daniel hails from Michigan where he developed a love for the outdoors through outdoor sports, backpacking, snowboarding, hunting and fishing. After graduating from Western Michigan University with a biology degree, he moved to Alaska where, when he wasn’t exploring the rugged backcountry, he worked on a commercial fishing boat and at a remote salmon hatchery. He eventually made his way down to the PNW and got hooked on the Olympic Mountains of Washington.  When he isn’t guiding he can be found dirt biking, canyoneering, and climbing big rocks. He is full of curiosity and loves sharing adventures with others.


Adventure Coordinator

Alexan grew up – and still lives – at the foothills of the Olympic mountains in Union, Washington. When Alexan isn’t helping you book your next great adventure with HYOH, you can find her taking off on her own backpacking trip (usually with her mutt Yentna), mushroom hunting, fishing, or painting. She also works for a local environmental nonprofit that carries out salmon research, restoration and education projects around the Hood Canal watershed. Growing up close to the land has instilled a dedication in Alexan to ensure that our Pacific Northwest ecosystem thrives for many future generations of outdoorsmen and adventurers!